Best Hot Springs near Mammoth Lakes, California

If you're looking for deep relaxation in beautiful water, visit one of Mammoth Lakes' many hot springs. We've got quite a few hot springs in the area, so we made a list of our favorites for your convenience. 

1. Wild Willy's Hot Springs

Wild Willy's is a remote hot spring that is free to use and pet-friendly. Simply hop off of the highway and walk across the pathway leading to the hot springs, then take a dip in the warm water. If you go during the sunset, the views of the surrounding mountains and meadows are amazing. While this is one of the more popular hot springs nearby, the visit is worth it.

2. Hot Creek Geological Site

The Hot Creek Geological Site has multiple, boiling pools with gorgeous coloring. Even the rocks here are warm! Some people come here to fish on a nearby trail, while everyone else just comes to get a look at the water (we don't advise swimming in it due to water contaminants). You will need a car with high clearance because this hot spring is off of any main road.  

3. Travertine Hot Springs

What makes the Travertine Hot Springs stand out are the rock formations right by and in the water. You can lean against or sit on the rocks while soaking, which is fun and makes for a great photography backdrop. The surrounding landscape is also nice to look at as well. This hot spring is free to use and easy to access, which could be why it's often busy.

4. Hilltop Tub

Hilltop Tub has some mixed reviews, mainly because sometimes the spring is hot sometimes it's cold. Additionally, the gate to get to the hot spring is closed in the winter, so you will need to walk there. However, we recommend going to Hilltop Tub because of the beautiful landscape surrounding it. You'll love relaxing here while getting a touching view of the Eastern Sierra, CA. 

5. The Rock Tub Hot Springs

The Rock Tub Hot Springs is a great place to dip if you're looking for a small hot spring to relax in with a couple of friends. The spring is built into a rocky hill, with free range cows sometimes coming by to drink from the water (which can cause the water to sometimes be dirty). Get a great view of the nearby mountains as you relax in the warm water. 
We hope you'll visit at least one of these hot springs while staying with us. Then you can go home feeling relaxed and rested.